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What is Social Lead Freak ?

This Adobe AIR desktop software runs on both Windows and Mac.

Social Lead Freak is the ultimate tool to let you quickly generate leads from Facebook and G+.

Search through FB groups, events, people, places, pages, posts and even G+ activities! Extract members from groups and attendees of events with one click and target these leads in your advertising campaigns.

Export the data after sorting and filtering to do further analysis in programs like Excel.

If social media is a marketer's goldmine, Social Lead Freak is the tool you need to mine for gold!

Social Lead Freak Overview

Author : Ali G & Marcus Lim . Ali G & Marcus is two famous internet marketing who have many years of experience in marketing online and they specializes in Internet Marketing tools and training.

They have had much success in social network marketing. Many of their products have brought more profits for the marketer. Their's products :

- Instant Funnel Package Discount .

- One Hour Funnel Jumpstart Discount.

- WP Video Commando. Find out more infomation

- WP Mobile Assault . Find out more infomation

And the lastest product is Social Lead Freak.

Launch date : April 22th, 2013 – 10AM EST

Product Niche : marketing software

Why you must use Social Lead Freak software ?

Facebook and G+ are two giant social network with hundreds of millions of members.

Promote products on social networks is a problem and having a lot of trouble with formulation, time, money, health ..... for promoting products and your brand.

So, Ali G & Marcus Lim launch Social Lead Freak to solve that problem. Social freak lead will help you save time and money .. and promote products more effectively.

Social Lead Freak Demo

How Does Social Lead Freak Work ?

Connect to your Facebook & G+ account from your desktop.

Quickly generate leads from Facebook and G+.

Search Groups, Pull up hundreds of relevant groups in an instant,See all group members, the group's information very closely to help you decide to join or not to join the groups to save your time and help you reach exactly the group you need.

Search Events,Find people who’ve RSVP’d to attend an event in whatever niche you want. Remember, people who are attending an event tend to be very passionate. These are the leads you want. Again,help you decide to join or not to join the events to save your time, help you reach exactly the events you need and decide to promote ( no or yes ) your product,brand .

Ability to filter by how many likes the page has.This is a great way to target Facebook fan pages that don’t have many likes and offer them your like-boosting services.Or, you can simply ensure that you only find pages that have more than X likes.

This is a great way to find pages beyond what the standard Facebook search offers. You’ve probably noticed that they don’t always share all the results. This helps filter out the relevant page quickly to advertise or purchase this page.

Search posts,this is a big one. Search all posts on Facebook to find people who are in immediate need of you and what you sell. One simple search can instantly yield you hundreds to thousands of people who have just posted on Facebook saying they need help. Facebook does not share best post on their search tools. you take advantage of social lead freak to get profit for you.

Extract Member IDs directly to your computer,you will get a huge list of member IDs ( member IDs are extracted from the events, groups.... related to the subject you want to promote your product,brand ) you can use the Facebook Member IDs that Social Lead Freak delivers to you by uploading them into your Facebook Ads Power Editor. Your ads will then only target those members.Because of this unparalleled level of targeting, you can finally lay any fears you may have had about Facebook advertising to rest. Customers' ability to buy is huge.

....And more with G+. You find out more information here.

Use Facebook ID on Facebook Ads - FB Ads Training

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How Can I Get Social Lead Freak Now ?

It's easy to received instant Social Lead Freak Software. You only click via on this button

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Wish you success on Social Network Marketing !
Currently, FB Lead Chef Software also has functions as Social Lead Freak software 

This software can extract passionate members from Facebook group , event , fan page you wish. When your ads display to passionate members , you can get high conversion rate . But It do not work on Google plus. Find more review about FB Lead Freak in video bellow : 

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